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Hey, I'm Calimdor

Real Calimdor.png

I am a friendly air dragon, at least I am friendly most of the time :3. My world is the wind and the clouds, the elemental forces and the weather. I love to carry from the fabric of clouds new life from our imagination into this real world. Each drawing is like a tangible memory from a fantasy world that has become real for us, which we carry with us. With it we feel as soft as clouds and have a wonderful time with our friends everywhere.

I mean, with awesome art and a lot of imagination many things become easier and I honestly don't know how life works without it ❤.

That's why I am so very grateful when I can be there for you in this way.

​What I do

I´ll make your and my fantasy visible


Mainly digital with graphics tablet on the computer. To Inktober also like with pen and ink and especially at conventions love with watercolors and brush or with fineliner and colored pencils. Often sitting cross-legged with my favorite music ❤.


Because I know that each of us carries a beautiful fantasy world and a lot of cool ideas. That's why I want to make your and as many fantasy worlds visible as possible. I believe that each of us is worth seeing ❤.

Why me

For you and me I want to implement a sympathetic drawing style. It is therefore very important to me that as many feelings and emotions flow into your order ❤. Only last comes the perfectionism ;3. 

It is very important to me that you have a really happy time in our community. I will do my best to ensure that your commission is completed on your desired date.  Your commission is 100% in safe hands with me.


With good communication and empathy I want to be for you like a bridge between your imagination and a piece of paper. Imagine that I am like a magic pencil with which you can easily make your wildest dreams visible ❤.

My human side ❤

Even if I see myself as Calimdor and identify strongly with him, so I am also just like that, transparency and security is very important to me. So I would also like to be tangible as a person for you and give you a feeling for who implements your order with a lot of love and attentiveness.

Hey, my name is Atila Tóth and I live in Leipzig (DE). Most recently I successfully graduated from the Gutenbergschule with a degree in design. Since then I work full time for you as a FreelanceArtist. 

59844752_1974024596039811_6658227442366283776_n (2).jpg

In parallel, I have committed myself to expand my artistic skills for life. The self-taught, with online courses, nude drawing, workshops and by always giving you my absolute best ❤.

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