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How you commission me

Commission me

On the page "Commissions & Prices" I show you all offers and prices. If a button under the offer says "OPEN", you can click on it to go directly to the form for that offer. The non-binding submission of your form does not commit you to anything. It only becomes binding in the following step.

After receiving your form, I will contact you personally via email or Telegram. I will write you the summary of your order with the resulting price for verification. Only when you give me your ok, I will send you an invoice or all necessary payment information. From now on your commission is binding for both of us. At the same time you will get a secure slot on my Trello list.

Trello To Do List

Card Example 01
Card Example 02

The absolute most important thing first, if you are unclear about something or you have questions, just write me, I am very happy that I can be there for you, always :3.

At Work Steps I show you which step I have completed on your commission so far. If you write me, you can give me feedback for the steps that are still open. For most commissions, however, I'll write to you on my own and ask if you're happy with the current step :3.

For example, with the tyrkisen icon "Work in Progress" you can even see that I'm actively working on your commission right now :3. I think the rest of the icons speak for themselves, be sure, even if Trello supports me in the organization, I'm always well accessible :3

Work Steps Icon

WIPS & Change Requests

Even if your order is in Trello, with most commissions, before I complete a step, I ask you for feedback. Sometimes it makes sense, for example with the outelines, to start directly with the colours. In that case, keep an eye on the Trello list and just write to me in Telegram.



  • Quite simply everything

01 Sketch



  • Proportions & hands like feet

  • Modifications to the face


  • Perspective

  • Picture composition

02 Outlines



  • Colour and markings


  • Outlines

03 Colour



  • Contrast 

  • Saturation


  • Outlines

  • Colours & Markings

04 Finalization

Of course I do my best that we always find a good solution together ❤. However, please make sure to give your feedback as early as possible!

Your completed commission

Only as soon as you write me that the final version of your commission really satisfies you, only then the order is really finished. Following I send you your picture in full resolution with discreet signature. I am already looking forward to the very dear cooperation with you ❤.

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