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Terms of Service

The client must read, understand and agree to all of the terms below before entering into a purchase agreement with the artist. By submitting a form or sending payment, the client agrees to the Terms of Service in full.

  01 Applying for a Commission

|A| Please check my home page or Trello first to see if I am currently open for work.

|B| Usually I am open for orders for several weeks at a time. If you want to be notified when I'm open, feel free to subscribe to my Telegram channel. I also share finished work and limited time offers there.

|C| To place an order, please fill out a form. For questions in advance, you are very welcome to contact me here, the easiest way via Telegram

|D| All information provided will be treated strictly according to DSGVO.

|E| You must be over 18 years old to hire me! If I have reason to believe that you are not 18+, I reserve the right to refuse to work with you.

|F| Please note that I will not process your order until the form is completely filled out.

  02 Order Processing

|A| After filling out the form you will receive a summary of your order and a concrete price from me via Telegram or e-mail. Only after you confirm the price as reasonable for you, you will receive an invoice or all necessary payment information. Once payment has been received, you will be given a secure place on my  To Do list.

|B| In case of deviations of the form please contact me as soon as possible, these changes must be clarified before the start of the order.

|C| For most commissions, there are four steps in which I send you a WIP. . 

Only after your feedback or OK I will continue with the respective next work step. Please note possible changes in the individual work steps.

  1. Sketch: Position, body parts, posture, facial expression, perspective.

  2. Outlines: proportions, small changes to the face.

  3. Color: Color and markings.

  4. Finishing: minor color adjustments.

Please make sure you look very closely at each step of the process and communicate any change requests directly. It is extremely important to me that you are very happy with my work. 

|D| After adjusting your change requests I will send you a new WIP, which you have to confirm at each step. 

|E| After complete completion of the order I send you the image with discreet signature, without watermark in full resolution and thank you for the very likely great cooperation with you <3.

03 Form supplement

|A| Nickname


With this name I address you. This name will also be displayed in e.g. Trello and Social Media. 

Optionally, if you want to be linked, please add your exact social media name after the name, which I should use to link your character. Ex: Pete/Twitter@PeteTheFox/Furaffinity@PeteFox


|B| Telegram Contact


Your Telegram contact is optional if you want us to communicate via Telegram. Otherwise we will communicate via email. Please make sure that you are reachable in Telegram as well as via email.


|C| Reference Information


If you don't have the possibility to link your pictures, please write me in Telegram or send me an email with the necessary references, please include your nickname in the email.


|D| Address


The address is either necessary for the dispatch, unless we have discussed something else, and you will also receive an invoice with your billing address on request.

  04 Communication / Correspondence

|A| I work mainly via Telegram. You are also welcome to just call or email me.

Contact details:


Mobile: 017638113976


|B| You can reach me Monday to Friday from 08 to 18 (CET/CET). Please understand that I do not answer new requests outside these hours.

|C| I will do my best to answer you within 48h, if I am currently open for orders. For urgent requests please call me.

  05 Payment process

|A| I accept payments by bank transfer and PayPal.

|B| For orders up to 150€ the full amount is to be paid before the order starts. For orders from 151€ a deposit of 50% is due. The remaining amount is due after acceptance of the sketch.

|C| After filling out a form, you will receive an informal cost estimate from me. Only when you confirm this will you receive an invoice promptly if requested. After your transfer, the purchase contract is binding for both of us.

|D| The invoice is to be paid within 3 working days by bank transfer and within 48 hours by PayPal, unless we have discussed otherwise before.

|E| Included on the invoice are:

  • Billing address and contact details

  • Type of order and final price

  • Payment information and payment deadline

  • Intended purpose

|F| All prices are in Euro

|G| If you would like to leave a tip after completing the order, please send me a payment with your invoice number or name:

Bank transfer: DE88 1101 0100 2006 9126 62


You are also welcome to add a tip to the estimate before payment. Tips are not required but always welcome.

  05 Commissioner and Artist Rights

|A| As an artist, I retain full copyright to all images created. You as the client automatically get fixed usage rights, see 05|E|. Extended rights of use we define together in an official agreement, which requires the signature of both parties. Please contact me for this.

|B| I, as the artist, reserve the right to publish commissioned images in my galleries, reproduce the images for online sale or at events, or otherwise use the image commercially in e.g. prints, digital art collections, books, etc.

|C| The rights to the original figures remain with their owners, provided they are trademarked. They usually are not, so please let me know before you order if your character is trademarked.

|D| I, the artist, will never claim copyright for characters that I did not design alone and will credit the original creators when possible. Please clearly state the name to be given before the order if you explicitly wish to be named.

|E| As a client you receive the rights of use over it

  1. to publish commissioned images for personal and non-commercial purposes, as long as you clearly mention my name (e.g. @Calimdor).

  2. the right to reprint images in limited numbers for personal use. This includes printing for display at home e.g. as a poster or canvas, printing for use as a badge or a manageable number of stickers (less than 6).

  3. The right over cropping and resizing artwork for personal use (e.g. icons, avatars, banners). Please use my signature for the cropped artwork, if no longer visible.

|F| The client does not have the right

  1. to mass-produce the artwork and distribute it free of charge without an appropriate notice ( ex. @Calimdor ) on each piece. Please get a written permission from me if you want to distribute them in mass without my signature for free.

  2. give permission to printers or manufacturers to mass produce ( 5+) physical reproductions of the artwork.

  3. To use artwork commissioned from me for commercial purposes. Should you wish to do any of the above ( 2. or 3.), we must stipulate this in an official legal document, which we have negotiated and signed together beforehand, before the commission is issued. 

  4. Substantial changes directly in the artwork. Please write me if you wish to make such changes or want me to make such changes. See also 06. We can talk about it, I want you to be happy.

  5. to commission other people to edit my work, unless this has been agreed with me beforehand.

  6. has no rights to the working files of the commissioned artworks.

  06 Changes to finished work

|A| I will make edits to details that I missed in the information on the form at no charge. 

|B| If an edit involves details that were not included in the original form, a reasonable fee will be charged jointly for the edit.

|C| I reserve the right to refuse edits to details where I feel it would not be reasonable to edit a completed order.

|D| Edits are limited to artwork completed within the last year. The date on the invoice is applicable.

  07 Refunds

|A| If you have already transferred and want to cancel the order, please let me know as soon as possible. I understand that suddenly something can come in between and try to make it as easy as possible for you.

|B| If I have not started the work, a full refund will be given. If I have started the job, a partial refund will be made according to the work done so far.

|C| Refunds will be sent within 24h after your request.

  08 Other Questions or Concerns

|A| Please contact me via Telegram or at Contact if you have further questions about these Terms of Use.

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