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Pirate Feelings Badge

On the subject - On the high Seas

Eurofurence Badge Keyjin

Reference Information

Please link your refsheet or comparable references of your character here. Or send them to me in Telegram as a file.

Commission Description

Color matching is more possible with a wolf, fox & similar. Outelines matching would be e.g. with a hyena, dragon, otter, bull, bird and more.

EF 26 Badge Base Klein_edited.png
Writing in small left on your flag

The special thing is that yes, you can hide the back words and show them only to good friends ;3.

Accessories 01 (1).png


Billing and shipping address information

After completion, the badge will be shipped within 3 business days to the address specified in your invoice.

By sending this form I confirm that I accept the
Terms of Service
fully read, understood and accepted. 

Here you can completely commission this year's EF 26 badge on the theme - On the high seas ❤. 

Please get a good overview of the prices and the TOS beforehand.

With that, I wish you a lot of fun while filling out. I am already looking forward to designing your badge for you :3.

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